EMG sensors

A number of EMG sensors and a reference cable in use.


The surface EMG sensor is designed and manufactured by Marq-Medical and has been developed with ease of use and superb quality of signal in mind. The surface EMG sensor has a unique high dynamic range that enables high quality measurements of EMG signals even in connection with surface EMG stimulation. Independent of the number of active EMG sensors in used at any one time only one ground reference cable is required (the ground reference cable comes with the MQ16). The surface EMG sensor contains a 2 mm spring plug for connection to proprietary disposable electrodes with a 2 mm spring socket. Little or no skin preparation and no gels or creams are required, yet the quality of the signal recorded is absolutely superb for both static and dynamic applications.


EMG sensor
Input range 5 mV, and 12.5mV version available
Bandwidth 15 Hz – 1000 Hz
Noise < 3 µV
Input Impedance > 1G Ohms
CMRR @50Hz (dB) > 95 dB
Cable Super flexible grade, length 0.92 m (extension available)
Plug Direct connection to MQ16
  Protected for Electrostatic Discharge Circuit
Mass 10 gram (0.36 oz)