Marq-Medical offers a complete set of measurement equipment for EMG recording for scientific and pre-clinical use. The equipment is wireless and fully programmable from a standard PC with Bluetooth® connectivity. MQ16 is a compact transmitter that can be connected with up to 16 sensors and 4 event marker channels. Each sensor can measure either EMG, inclinometer, accelerometer or just any other signal source.  Each sensor contains its own ADC, and are therefore completely independent on any sensors in other channels. For synchronization of more than one signal source, Marq-Medical offers a trigger set. The trigger set consists of a transmitter and a receiver with a fixed delay of only 1.0 ms. The trigger set can be used with any set of measurements. To help customers to get started, MQ16 is provided with a complete set of scripts in Matlab and in LabView.

MQ16 is a Bluetooth® device which can both stream measurements directly to a PC and/or store the measurements on board. The MQ16 has an inbuilt trigger that enables synchronization with any other measurements (for example video, motion capture, torq measurement etc.)

There is an extensive program of sensors that connect directly to the MQ16.  EMG, EEG, ECG, Acceleration and inclination sensors and Goniometers. Any combination of sensors can be connected to the MQ16.

The trigger system can be used with or without the MQ16. The trigger system provides a synchronization signal any measurements that need to be synchronized.